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Cheat sheet: How do I jumpstart my online sales?

There has been zero slowdown in the online shopping craze, and it has only accelerated in the past few years.

In fact, data suggests we have seen 30 years worth of digital shopping product adoption compressed into only thirty-six months.

If you already have an digital shop or web-based store, we'll explain how to enhance your online presence and make your products accessible to shoppers everywhere with some helpful tips and tricks. And if you only have a brick and mortar presence this article will highlight what your missing out on, and set you up with some quick fixes to make e-commerce a successful reality for your business.

make sure your products have a home on an e-commerce website platform

Do you have a place to showcase your products and services online? Can you accept payment? What about coordinating scheduled pick-ups and deliveries? These are simple questions, but are often times overlooked. You may want to invest in a complete overhaul of an existing site and move it to a more friendly content management system (CMS) that can support these types web-based sales activities. Shopify, Squarespace, WIX, and other CMS platforms have these tools fully-integrated. Be warned though, some of these 'off-the-shelf' products may require extensive customization or training so be sure to choose wisely.

have some sales and promotions that make shoppers want to coming back

Who likes one and done customers? Nobody. Make sure you give your customers a reason to go back to your site and make them lifelong customers. Whether the strategy is reoccurring sales, special promotional offers, or e-mail and social campaign strategies, always put your consumer engagement strategy at the forefront.

keep your inventory strong, and your relationships stronger

So, speaking of consumer engagement strategies, try to select one to three touchpoints that will allow you to have a relationship with your consumers and audience. Maybe it's a blog or a forum, or maybe a social media campaign strategy that allows customers to show off their recent purchases. Want to really impress your fans? Think about using Instagram or other social media platforms to keep your inventory moving and your clients pleased that you are a brand that listens, and values their feedback.

elevate your packaging

Even the smallest gesture of wrapping a package with a signature color string or a thank you card goes a long way. Think about some of the most successful product companies in the world, from consumer electronics to decorative accessories and the like... what do they all have in common? THEIR PACKAGING IS AWESOME. Their packaging is so good it becomes an experience that has opened up the doors to 'unboxing videos' that garner views on YouTube in the hundreds of millions. Simply put, find ways to elevate your packaging and unboxing experience for your brand and products.

put yourself in your customer's shoes

Try your best to put yourself in the customer's shoes. When you do this, you create an entirely new level of empathy where you'll be able to address some of your e-commerce shortcomings within your website, your branding, or even your supply chain. Also, see what your competition is doing and how they interact with their customers for a complete view of the competitive landscape. This will help you stay ahead of the curve and address these concerns sooner, rather than later.

take advantage of paid marketing & advertising

What good is an e-commerce business when you don't get an views on your site, and you aren't generating and profits? Make sure you spend the time, and the money, to invest in some paid advertising opportunities that can completely elevate your business' growth. Take a look at targeted Google Ads, or Instagram advertising to get started, then try and branch out into other paid spots where your ideal clients are poking around online. Trust us, it works!

Make sure your website is accessible

Last but not least, make sure your website is accessible. Here are some questions you can ask yourself when considering accessibility: Does my website read well for those that may have a disability or poor vision? Are their animations on your site that are difficult to play or take up too much data? Is your site mobile friendly? Is my site easy to navigate and clearly organized? Can customers send payment on my website? Is my website too busy? Accessibility can often times be overlooked, but is most important when it comes time for your customers to buy.


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